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Welcome on my webpages, where I would like to introduce my photographic activities and history.

I was born in Opava in 1986. Already as a child I was fascinated by science and technology and of course by documentaries and photographs. Over time, I bought my first camera and this hobby has shown me that the world is much more diverse, a camera can capture an enormous amount of things that a person can not see with their own eyes. This was the impulse that moved my photographic activity to the present dimensions...

The first camera I got my hands on was the Zenit-E on the classic film, which my father taught me how to handle. Back then, it was a struggle, but now I am thankful as I learned to understand light from a different side and today, it is the foundation of my work.
My main goal has always been, is and will be to capture moments, thoughts and phenomenons that the average person does not notice, ignores or cannot even see. That is why I want to introduce people to our amazing world in a different light so we can better understand where we live and how fantastic our planet really is.
To be able to capture such moments, I had to get a quality reflex camera and a variety of special filters and other specific equipment with which an ordinary person does not come in contact with in the normal life.
My wide range of interests and hobbies brought me in time from photographing nature to speleo-photography, to the depths of the universe.

Classic photography:
For me, this is a concept of a peaceful theme. It is mostly mountain hiking where classic equipment which fits in my backpack is enough. In this topic of classic shooting I focus on nature, whether it is a landscape, weather phenomenons, or a particular focus on fauna and flora, as well as various macro, abstract or mystical images.

I came accross speleo-photography in 2010, when I wanted to see the world from a different side and took simple photo equipment with me underground. This was no cave tour, but a descent into a gigantic abandoned mining complex. It impressed me so much that I took speleo-photography to a higher level and to date I have gone through dozens of tunnels and caves and created thousands of photographs and videos. I have been through many situations that almost cost me my life, but despite these experiences, the underground is so fascinating that you can not resist.
In my beginnings I had the opportunity to accompany Olomouc speleo-photographer Petr HRUBAN while working on his book Zlatohorská podzemí (Undergrounds in Goldmountains).

Since I am a person who is still evolving, it didn´t take long and I started to fulfill my childhood dream and started to observe space. I bought a small equatorial mount. I wanted to go even furhter so I bought DSLR astrophotography camera from Canon - EOS 60Da and equatorial mount (EQ5 Go To) with a telescope with a diameter of 200 mm and 1000 mm focal. Later I switched to a 150mm diameter with a 750 mm focal and added special filter Astronomik CLS-CCD, which suppresses light smog. This area of the photography is my greatest test yet, not only financially, but also physically. There is also the time-consuming aspect. All this requires careful preparation and precise adjustment of all equipment.

I have currently started to make time-lapse documents of the night landscape.

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Daniel Ščerba
Daniel Ščerba
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